Get more engagement, more conversions and optimise your advertising spend.

Retargeting from Hyperdriven. It works!

Have you ever visited a website and then seen their ad wherever you go on the internet? That’s retargeting!

Retargeting creates better engagement, increases conversions and literally keeps your brand front and centre as your visitors move around the web

However, setting up Retargeting is a bit involved.

First, you need to consider the purpose and message behind your campaign. Is it to advertise a product or service? Do you have a landing page on your site where prospective customers can learn more?

Second, you need a retargeting account with someone who will bid and place your ads on your behalf.

Next, you need to create a ‘Pixel’ – a piece of code that must be installed on each page of your website. Then you need banner ad graphics. These come in many sizes depending on where your advert will be placed. Usually, you need at least 5-10 different sized graphics for your campaign.

We can help you set up a cost-effective retargeting campaign aimed specifically at your site’s visitors, and at Hyperdriven we have a ‘secret sauce’ to extend spend efficiency even more!

Not everyone visiting your site will be for you, but we have a way to identify the people that ARE and mark only those for retargeting. This means you’re not paying for ad impressions when you don’t need to.

At Hyperdriven, we offer a complete, Retargeting service where we:-

  • Set-up a Retargeting account for you
  • Create a number of eye-catching banner ad graphics
  • Create the Pixel code to be added to your website (either we or your web developer can add this to your site).
  • Kick off your first campaign (Ad spend to your account).

Contact us and ask about our Retargeting Quick Start package. It’s cheaper than you think!

Retargeting for precise market targeting

Precise Targeting

No shotgun approach here!

Display ads only to those who are interested in your products or services.

Retargeting creates better engagement.

Better Engagement

Advertise to people who know you

Reconnect with your visitors in a more positive way. Get back in front of over 80% of your target audience!

Retargeting increases conversion rates.

Increase Conversion

Transform traffic into leads

Encourage customers to revisit your site in a way that makes them think you're reading their mind.

Retargeting optimises your advertising spend.

Optimise Advertising Spend

More targeted spending is always optimal

Stretch your advertising dollar further. We have techniques to save you even more on your Retargeting campaigns.