Make your musical dream come true! A music video is the ultimate expression of your musical talent. A medium for your current and future fans to enjoy your performance. Your musical calling card.

A Hyperdriven music video will be produced in the highest broadcast quality - ready to air on Rage, The Loop or even MTV.

Best of all - it won't break the bank.

Call us now - we're available to chat late into the night..!

The best value music video production service in Sydney!

For Exciting Music Videos That Get Audience Attention!

Do you have a band and looking to get a music video produced?

We can help!

Music video production at low prices - that's what we offer. If you're after high-quality at low-cost, you've come to the right place. 

In today's music scene, you need a highly-powered, exciting music video to grab the attention of your audience.

Whatever concept you have in mind, we have the imagination and skill to make it happen. We have our own green-screen studio, so we can put you literally anywhere.

If you're not exactly sure what it is you want, call us for a friendly chat. We're always bursting with great ideas!

And we're really not expensive - you'd be amazed at what we can pull off with even the smallest budget.

We've had lots of compliments on our music videos, with one Sydney producer who thought his artist spent over $20k. He spent a fraction of that.

So how much? Well, we do a basic, live action music video shot on location (within 50km of Sydney) starting from around $1,000 inclusive of GST.

Our $1,000 package includes a half-day shoot with a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and lenses, We have dollies, jibs, fig-rigs and steadicams to make your shots look great.

Why do you need a music video? Your audience wants to see you, get a flavour for your style, get a picture of your brand.

A good music video will capture both your musical and performance art, and do that in a way that will sell your act to your audience.

What do you want to happen in your music video? Well, we can help! We can come up with a concept or tell us yours and we'll tell you if it can be done for the money or not.

Either way, you'll end up with a music video you'll be proud of!

So what are you waiting for? Call us now to learn more!

Check out some of our work below.

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COVID-Sydney Music Video Pricing

Sydney's Best Value Music Video Service Bar None!


But fantastic
$ 1,000
Perfect for the starting band looking to make a quick statement on YouTube, or to give to your mum for Christmas.
  • 4-hour shoot - one location
  • Editing with two revisions
  • Graded, mastered and delivered in 4K


Now you're talking
$ 2,000
Solid value! .We'll help you come up with a concept and spend a whole day shooting your masterpiece.
  • 8-hour shoot - Two locations or greenscreen studio
  • Editing with two revisions, some effects thrown in
  • Graded, mastered and delivered in 4K


Aim for the stars!
$ 5,000
Feeling adventurous? We'll come up with something REALLY special. Or you tell us, we'll see if it can be done for 5 grand.
  • 16 hour shoot - Four locations or greenscreen studio
  • Editing with two revisions, special effects, the works!
  • Graded, mastered and delivered in 4K

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Cheap Music Videos Sydney FAQ

We're still in the process of growing our repertoire and portfolio. We're cheap, but by no means nasty!

More importantly, we love what we do and we just want to spread that love! We price our music video production by shooting time in the Sydney area - editing and everything else is included in the price.

We ask for 50% upon booking, We'll send you an invoice with payment instructions, You can pay by direct transfer into our account or online by credit card via PayPal. When we have finished editing, we will invoice you for the remaining 50% and put your music video on Dropbox once payment has been received.

Camera gear and crew, travel to location (within 50km of Sydney CBD), editing and mastering.

DAYTIME SHOOT (Between 10am and 6pm) After 6pm, the above rates are doubled.
* When finished with round one editing, we'll upload a low-res version for you to review.
* You review and advise of any changes to the edit,
We'll make the changes and upload again

Yes. If you don't want to be in the video, and want actors instead, then that's extra.

Some kinds of special effects, drone shots, etc. may need to be done by a third-party. That will cost extra too,

Don't be afraid! Call us and tell us your vision, We'll tell you what that involves and give you a quote.

Following the day of the shoot, you should allow around 30 days for the final delivery of your video. If we can get it done sooner, we will, but allow 30 days regardless.

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