Ian Nicholson of Hyperdriven - Digital Marketing Specialist

About Hyperdriven

Hi, and welcome to Hyperdriven!

My name is Ian Nicholson and I founded Hyperdriven back in 2003.

I started my career as a computer programmer and then moved into sales and marketing. In the last fifteen years alone, I have personally sold millions of dollars in Business Intelligence software and services, and helped many organisations increase their sales - repeatedly exceeding annual sales targets of over $1 million.

For example, I growth-hacked a company from $25k/month in revenues to $1million/month in the space of one year.

I helped another company triple their customer base from 15,000 to 50,000 in six months.


I see things that many business owners do not, and help solve problems that many businesses don't know they have - until I point them out to them.

Trained in Six Sigma, I will discover, understand and document your challenges, research and brainstorm ideas, prototype and try solutions, and finally implement the new solutions/processes in your business.

I am an award-winning copywriter and film-maker with the creative skills to produce top quality collateral, proposals, emails, websites, press releases, videos and other materials that drive sales. My strong technical background allows me to execute on that creativity and deliver quality results with speed and precision.

Call me to talk about how I can help you to take your business to new heights!