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Go and find sixteen web-pages relevent to what you do.


If you run a used car lot and you have a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette for sale, then find a nice article about a '63 Corvette and provide us the link. Then, your ad might say "We have one of these for sale!" with a button to take your audience to your site.

We will then take your logo, article link and your website URL, create the overlay ad and send you the final link.

Then, you can go around Facebook Groups and LinkedIn etc and post your link - you're no longer selling (which many groups frown upon) but informing!

Your ad appears when your audience views the content through the link we provide you!

How Does It Work Again?

  • 1. Choose the webpage where you want your ad to appear.

    This can be almost any web-page.
    We suggest you choose a page that contains informative pages that someone might be looking for. E.g. How to apply for a visa, or how to change oil on a car - whatever is relevant to your business.

  • 2. We create the ad

    This is a simple overlay ad with your logo, a short message and a button link to take the prospect to your landing page.

  • 3. We give you the link

    We then supply you with a special link - this contains the page of your choice with the ad as the overlay.

  • 4. You publish the link through your channels

    You then post your link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, via email, or whatever channel you choose.

  • 5. Your audience sees the page, and your ad!

    The page appears and your ad is overlaid on top!

Examples of Authority Ads

A7IoB Xero Campaign

Alpha7 sells a product called A7IoB to Xero users. We took a page about Xero tips and put their ad on it.
The ad was posted across social media.


NexPay offers a foreign exchange service to international students. We put their ad on a government page about student visas (above).

BIReady Ajilius Campaign

BIReady sells a product called Ajilius. Microsoft wrote about it on their blog. We created a link with BIReady's ad overlaid on the Microsoft page.


Absolutely. We are not hacking any sites to do this, nor are we copying any content. We simply take the source site and display it with your ad on top using a special link. That's all! You're hardly like to get any complaints from the website owner since you're driving more traffic to their page anyway! It's a win-win!

Remember, we are not physically placing the ad on the webpage, but using a special link that displays the webpage and then puts your ad on top. Most pages work with our solution, depending on how the page is coded, some might not work. In that case, you'll see a blank page with your ad on it. In that case, we'll recommend you choose a different page, or give you a refund.

The point is, you can take an informative page, and put your ad on it. This is a great way to market to people via Twitter or Facebook, because you can post stuff that looks like useful information (because it is!). However, when people click through, they get a version of that page with your ad on it! It's perfect for Facebook or LinkedIn groups where blatant self-promotion can get you banned. This way, you post useful content - with your ad on board - and stay safe with the admins!

We're breaking in to get market share. Also, we place a small ad for ourselves on your ad too.